Email Marketing Tips

Keeping touch with your customers or clients is the most important thing in any business. This is one of the best methods of reaching more customers. Email marketing will help you in maintaining a good relationship with your clients as well as building your business. The following are some of the essential tips which will help you in marketing your business through email.

Keeping a detailed and a segmented list

The process of maintaining a comprehensive list having all the relevant email addresses is beneficial for any business. The key to running a successful business is maintaining the email addresses. You should never lose your email addresses. You can use an excel sheet when preparing a new marketing email list. Again it is crucial to sort out your email list customers who sign up for the free trials on some products should be messaged differently from those who have purchased some products from you.

Writing an engaging and a concise content

You should write an engaging and an informative content after sorting out your email list. In your email, you are discouraged from using words such as “free” as this might end up in a spam folder. The email should also be kept short but informative. People will always avoid wasting time by going through the long emails. It should also have an important subject. The majority of citizens will only open your email if it has an interesting subject.

Sending your emails at the mid of the week

This involves sending emails on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Studies have proven that the opening rates for emails are very high in these days. Avoid sending emails during the weekends. There are very few people who check their emails during the weekend. Again the opening rates have been found to be very high during the afternoon hours –From 2-5 pm.


Keeping the Unsubscribe button when sending emails

The emails sent should be “CAN –SPAM” compliant. It is also important to seek permission from people before sending emails. Again they should be given an option of unsubscribing to your emails. Otherwise, sometimes your account can be suspended for failing to provide the “unsubscribe” option. This is also helpful in giving the sender an option of figuring out anything wrong with their emails. Also, ensure that you send a content which is completely correct. Such kind of information is good for any business. You should, therefore, avoid giving any misleading information. The law does not permit one to send misleading information.





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