In the modern era, almost every individual is using social media. If you are one of them, probably you have been looking for some ways which would increase your popularity on these platforms. Getting popular in the yester years was very easy, but with the advancement in technology, things have greatly changed. There is a stiff competition the process of getting popular is longer easy. The following tips ill help you in becoming popular in these platforms.

Investing in clothes

The process of getting famous requires one to be very sharp. Actually, you will find that many people who are interested in knowing where you live, how you look and the type of vehicle you ride. These people will not care about how intellectual or amazing your blog look like. Actually, this is an era where the world revolves more around materials things. For instance, you become famous by just buying new clothes, putting them and then taking photos of you.

These photos can then be posted on Instagram or Facebook. You will find these pictures being shared by very many people and you will end up being very popular. This means that all that you should do is just purchasing the best brands using some hundred dollars.

Network marketing company

Forming or building your network marketing company can make famous within a concise period. This will involve putting together an appropriate traffic guide to your sales video webpage. Once you are done, you will find people doing their best level in promoting your page.

Being entertaining

The use of videos can help in making you famous irrespective of whether you like them or not. They are used as effective tools for entertaining people. If you are boring, then you will not get success. This means that you are required to be very funny and entertaining. You can post some of the entertaining videos in YouTube. Such videos will be watched by many people in different parts of the world. For those individuals who are not good in making videos, they are encouraged to create some amazing slide shows. These can also work great in entertaining people.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence matters a lot when it comes to the social media. In fact, it is more powerful as compared to intelligence itself. This will greatly be of help especially if you are interested in becoming a good leader by making you famous on the social media. The content used in the social media should be powerful to trigger people’s emotions such as trust, admiration, joy, happiness, and curiosity.