Why You Need To Optimize Your Website For Mobile

Mobile phones have become common tools that are used to get information from the internet. One of the reasons for this is that they are portable and you can carry them to wherever you want. What does this mean to those people running an online business? Well, if you have never stopped to figure that out, then you need to think twice. Optimizing your website for various types of devices is very important if you want to lead you, competitors. This article explores some of the benefits that you will get by ensuring that your website is optimized for different devices mobile phones included.

Good user experience

You need to understand that several people in different parts of the world use different devices to access the internet for various reasons. So can you imagine a situation where people are trying access your website but in vain. That simply means that you will lose a lot of potential customers. A good business website should never annoy the customers in any situation. This means that the website should be fast and easy to use. Customers will always visit and keep coming once they realize that your website is responsive.

Better SEO

There is nothing satisfying like when you have a significant amount of traffic to your website. It is a sign of wealth as you are assured of the fact that many of those visiting your website will buy from you. You need to understand that Google appreciates websites that are mobile friendly. The consequences of this that they are ranked top as compared to those that are not mobile friendly. When your website is ranked top, most people will definitely buy from you since they tend to believe that top ranked pages are associated with quality goods and services.

Build the reputation of your brand

Your brand is very important when it comes to running a successful business. In fact that are many people out there who buy goods and products because of the brand. This, therefore, tells you that you need to give your brand the attention that it deserves. Having a website that can be accessed from different devices will be of significant help as far as this is concerned. Many people will become aware of the existence your brand and therefore enhance its popularity.

More traffic

Ensuring that your website is mobile friendly will ensure that there is a huge traffic to your website. Many people have access to the mobile phone as compared to those who have computers. Also, the fact that people always walk with their phones means that they can access your website from anywhere as long as there is internet access. Visit http://freewebsite.com/ to learn on how to get a perfect website for your website.…

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Tips To Increasing Traffic To Your Website

Increasing traffic to your website is one of the best ways that you can use to get as many customers you would have loved to. Research has shown that any website that has a high amount of traffic can always lead to a successful business. Once you have made sure that the hosting company can handle the extra traffic into your website, then you need to work towards making it happen. You first need to understand some of the best methods that have been used elsewhere and proved to be effective. This article explores some of the most reliable methods that you can use to increase traffic to your website.

Research keywords

When it comes to increasing the traffic to your website, keyword research is very important. So you need to make sure that put aside some of your time to search on the most popular keywords on the internet that are related to your products and services. You need to choose keywords that low competition and a high search volume. The good thing is that there are many reliable tools that you can use to make the work easier. Also, if you find that it is a bit hard to do the task, then you can make use of SEO agency to accomplish your goal.

Informative content

Writing quality articles is another sure way that you can use to have a considerable amount of traffic on your website and probably turn into sales is by writing quality content. You need to understand that nowadays, many people in the world have to look for information on the internet. This, therefore, tells you that if you find a way of providing this information to them, then you would have got it right. You, however, need to understand that your articles must be of high quality and informative if you are to achieve your target.

Social Media

You can also make use of social media to increase traffic to your website. You need to acknowledge the fact that nowadays, social media is one of the powerful marketing tools. Many people from all parts of the world are actively making use social media platform to achieve various goals. You need not be left behind. Making you sure that you have links in various social media platform that will drive traffic to your website. In addition to social media, you can also make use of software that generates leads. Check out  Captuvate’s lead capture app for more information.…

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Email Marketing Tips

Keeping touch with your customers or clients is the most important thing in any business. This is one of the best methods of reaching more customers. Email marketing will help you in maintaining a good relationship with your clients as well as building your business. The following are some of the essential tips which will help you in marketing your business through email.

Keeping a detailed and a segmented list

The process of maintaining a comprehensive list having all the relevant email addresses is beneficial for any business. The key to running a successful business is maintaining the email addresses. You should never lose your email addresses. You can use an excel sheet when preparing a new marketing email list. Again it is crucial to sort out your email list customers who sign up for the free trials on some products should be messaged differently from those who have purchased some products from you.

Writing an engaging and a concise content

You should write an engaging and an informative content after sorting out your email list. In your email, you are discouraged from using words such as “free” as this might end up in a spam folder. The email should also be kept short but informative. People will always avoid wasting time by going through the long emails. It should also have an important subject. The majority of citizens will only open your email if it has an interesting subject.

Sending your emails at the mid of the week

This involves sending emails on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Studies have proven that the opening rates for emails are very high in these days. Avoid sending emails during the weekends. There are very few people who check their emails during the weekend. Again the opening rates have been found to be very high during the afternoon hours –From 2-5 pm.


Keeping the Unsubscribe button when sending emails

The emails sent should be “CAN –SPAM” compliant. It is also important to seek permission from people before sending emails. Again they should be given an option of unsubscribing to your emails. Otherwise, sometimes your account can be suspended for failing to provide the “unsubscribe” option. This is also helpful in giving the sender an option of figuring out anything wrong with their emails. Also, ensure that you send a content which is completely correct. Such kind of information is good for any business. You should, therefore, avoid giving any misleading information. The law does not permit one to send misleading information.





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